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Take The Busy Moms Get Fit 21 Day Challenge

Are you looking to start a home workout program? Do you struggle with staying consistent? Do you need to be held accountable for your diet and workouts? Do you need support and encouragement from others?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this 21 day challenge could be the answer you have been searching for. I help busy moms find solutions to both their diet and fitness goals.  I am not an expert, but a busy mom who has found a solution that worked for me and now I’m sharing it with you.

What I have learned from personal experience is that most of us struggle with two things: eating healthy and finding a workout that you can fit into your schedule.
21 Day Challenge
I know I thought I ate healthy.  That was until I was held accountable for what I ate.  If you struggle with healthy eating or aren’t seeing results with your fitness program after doing it for several weeks then I recommend you join the 21 Day Challenge with the group. I have a group that starts once a month. Please apply here. The majority of the workouts aren’t longer than an hour and some are only 25 minutes depending on the program that we determine is right for you , your time and your goals.

What Is Included In The 21 Day Challenge?

You will receive a workout program that fits your goals and fitness level. You will also receive a nutrition plan, personal access to me daily, and a private group to post in as well as get support from others doing the challenge with you.


Can I Continue After 21 Days?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to keep going for 21 weeks or years! This 21 Day Challenge is designed to create proper healthy eating habits as well as working out while using proper form. Once you complete the challenge you will have earned a lifetime membership to our team and be included in future challenge groups, support and prizes.

Who Is The 21 Day Challenge For?

This challenge is for everybody! I love working with woman who are hard-working, self-motivated, caring and have a positive attitude about reaching their goals. If you are a like-minded woman or man who is ready to get great results fast then you qualify for the 21 Day Challenge.


21 Day Challenge

Do I Need A Gym Membership Or Be In Your Area?

No, the 21 Day Challenge is completed in the comfort of your own home. The challenge group is completely online with a private Facebook group. I check in with you and the other challenge group members there daily. No one else except the challenge group members can see your posts in the group.

Why Is The 21 Day Challenge successful?

The 21 Day Challenge focuses on forming healthy habits that will provide you with weight loss results and a new lifestyle that will help you see results in the future.

The 21 Day Challenge will help you focus on your goals and is customized for you. The workouts, meal plan and accountability are all based on your answers in the application.
The length of the workouts will depend on your answers in the application as well.


What Are The Prizes?

The winner of the 21 Day Challenge will receive a $25 gift from me as a way of celebrating their amazing results! The winner is determined by their daily accountability in the group and the percent of weight lost. I have found this to be a way to keep the contest fair between participants no matter how much or little weight they need to lose.


Each participant is eligible for a free t-shirt matching the workout program they choose!


If you need support and accountability but aren’t ready for the 21 Day Challenge you can still add me as your free coach by clicking here.  You will still get my help and be added to my general challenge group on Facebook.

You can also join my free 10 Day Challenge as well. Just fill out the 10 Day Challenge form found to the right of this post.

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