Download My 30 Recipes That Take 35 Minutes Or Less To Make!

Too busy to make healthy dinners, lunches or snacks during the week?  Don’t panic!  I have 30 healthy recipes that you can make in 35 minutes or less and they are FREE!!

Top 8 Reasons You Will Love My Download:

  • Most of the ingredients are those you normally keep in your home
  • The recipes take a total of 35 minutes to prep and cook
  •  Make these recipes on the fly before taking the kids to their activities
  • Whip these up right before you head off to work for healthy lunches and snacks
  • Easily fit these recipes into your budget
  • Simple enough for a beginner cook
  • Great way to start eating healthier
  • Kid tested and mother approved

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35 meals in 35 minutes or less


35 Minute Meal Recipes

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