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5 Myths About Women And Weight Lifting

myths about women and weight lifting

I love weight lifting.  I prefer it to cardio workouts.  Why?  Because I love the physical and mental strength that I have gained from picking up and putting down heavy shit.  Plus, I have made the most significant changes in my body because of the combination of a healthy meal plan and weight lifting.  Being a fitness coach, I urge many women to lift weights.  Most are initially apprehensive and think that the cardio will help them tone up and lose weight.  It will.   Upon asking about their worries I’ve learned that these women believe the myths about women and weight lifting.  I am here to debunk these myths once and for all.

Myth #1: Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights Because It Will Make Them Bulky

Every time I hear this I want to punch a hole in the wall!  Yes, if you eat a ton of calories and take supplements designed to increase mass you will bulk up.  It also takes years for a woman to look like that.  However,  if you lift heavy weights you are building muscle.  An increase in muscle in your body actually increases your metabolism.  As a result, your body is more efficient at burning calories throughout the day.

If you eat at a calorie deficit and lift heavy you are building lean muscles and burning the fat around it.  That is how you see sleek toned muscle definition and a loss in inches as muscle is less dense than fat.

myths about women and weight lifting

Myth #2: You Can Spot Reduce Fat With Weight Lifting

Ugh! Seriously?  You can do a million sit ups and still not having an amazing six-pack.  In fact, you will probably have a sore back and bigger waist size.  When it comes to fat loss everyone is different.  Each one of us is genetically different.  I gain weight in my legs and butt first.  I also lose it in my chest and arms first.  No amount of targeted exercise can change the way your body loses fat.

Want to know the most efficient way to fat loss?  Change your diet.  What you eat is 90% of what is responsible for losing fat.  The other 10% is your workout.  When you strength train you are using multiple muscle groups and allowing your body to build muscle.  As stated earlier muscle will burn extra calories throughout the day furthering your fat loss.

myths about women and weight lifting

Myth #3: You Need Cardio To Lose Weight

Wrong!  You know what makes you lose weight?  Your diet!  You never have to spend 2 hours on that damn treadmill again if you don’t want to.  But, if you want to look good and be healthy I suggest weight lifting.  There are also other ways to get this type of workout too:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Carry your kids around

Do what makes you happy.  Just understand that running isn’t necessarily the best way to lose weight.  I can’t stand running so I found that weight training was what I truly enjoyed.
myths about women and weight lifting

Myth #4: Men And Women Need To Train Differently

In gyms across America you will see fitness trainers having their male clients lift heavy weights while they have female clients with the same goals lifting light weights and doing stability ball squats in high repetitions.  There is no need to have women and men do different workouts.  Women don’t have the same chemical make up as men and will have drastically different results because of that.  Lifting heavy and eating healthy will create a sleek, tight and toned physique for women as long as they eat healthy.  I am personally have amazing results doing Hammer & Chisel in my own home.  You don’t need crazy equipment to get it done either.  If you have questions about the workout I’m doing you can read my FAQ: Hammer & Chisel post.

Myth #5:  Older Women Should Not Lift Weights

Really?  Where do people get this stuff from?  After menopause women are at a very high risk of osteoporosis.  Many think that lifting heavy will put them more at risk of injury because of this.  NO! NO! NO!

The opposite if true.  At that point in their lives it is the perfect time to lift weights.  Studies have shown that weight lifting “preserved bone density while improving muscle mass, strength, and balance in post-menopausal women.”  So pick up some weights and start lifting already!

Want a great weightlifting program? Check out Hammer & Chisel and get started on your fitness journey today!

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