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5 Tips To Clean Eating Every Busy Mom Should Know

Your Diet Is Number 1


You are what you eat! If you want results then you have to eat clean. I am a busy mom who works a full-time job and I also run a fitness business helping others to get healthy and reach their goals. I could have a ton of excuses for not eating healthy or working out but I’ve found a solution instead.  I meal prep. Here are 6 tips to clean eating that all busy moms can use to save time:

5 Tips To Clean Eating Every Busy Moms Should Know:

1. I cut up red, green, yellow peppers for salads. I also get grape tomatoes for salads as it’s easier to just throw them in instead of cutting them up.

2. I prepare one box of quinoa or couscous and put it in a Tupperware container.

3. I season and cook chicken breasts in coconut or olive oil and put in a Tupperware container.

4. I hard boil a half-dozen eggs and put in the fridge.

5. I get my snacks like string cheese and almonds ready. I also use a shaker cup and add 10 ounces of unsweetened almond milk and put in the fridge for my Shakeology snack as well.

Every morning I then used color-coated portion containers and prepare my breakfast, lunch and snacks for my work day. No need to weigh or count calories with them either as I just fill the appropriate container and I’m done!!

5 tips to clean eating

Food prep will really help save you time and ensure you are eating clean. Just make sure you eat everything you made for each meal and no cheating!!

What are you eating today? Please share ways you save time in your busy day to eat clean!

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