Dieting doesn’t have to be restrictive, expensive or time consuming.


I know because I’ve tried dieting.  I’ve counted calories, tracked my macros (if you don’t know what that is that isn’t important) and eaten rice cakes.  It is all was a roller coaster ride of energy, emotions and no results.  Especially when I looked in the mirror.

Why was I so frustrated?

Because knew that the more I restricted myself, the more I was going to end up rebelling and sabotaging myself.

I was SO focused on the external results I forgot to care about how I felt inside, and the cost that had on my life.

I thought that the MORE I did, the quicker my results would come.

I was constantly chasing after that Instagram model “look” and it was making me FEEL depressed.

I lacked confidence.

After months of refining this system it’s now the easiest, non-calorie counting way to create a JUMP START TO YOUR JOURNEY with food that you can share with your family, your friends that will benefit you for years to come.

It kills me looking back at pictures of myself in my early 30’s (after I had my son), seeing what a beautiful, healthy young woman I appeared to be – because I know how that girl felt inside.

She was miserable and she hated herself. I can never go back and change how she felt, I can only make myself happy today, right now – and hope to help you do the same.

That is why I say you do NOT need some restrictive “diet” to get real results, to feel confident in your choices, to know what to eat.

You need nutrient-dense meals that are easy to make from simple recipes, and you need to know how what whole foods to eat to create the BEST response from your body.

Because what I learned is that how we eat and what we think about it is actually communicating with our body…and our body communicates back to us in how we look and feel.

So tell your body that you want it to look, feel and perform it’s best BY FEEDING it the foods that allow it to do its job.


And you will FEEL more energized and less cranky…while losing inches, turning heads and looking the way you want….because your outside with start to match your inside.


With This Easy Plan You Will :



Grocery Shop With Ease

Our meal plan and shopping list will save you money and make shopping a no brainer!


Workout Without Shame

With an easy to follow home workout plan you can avoid the sweaty gym and the peering eyes of onlookers.


Burn Fat and Lose Inches Eating Foods That Provide Nutrient-Dense Nutrition And Sustainable Energy All Day!

The combination of your nutrient-dense shake, healthier meals and an easy to follow workout is the key to fat loss and supporting a healthy body. You don’t have to eat “perfectly” for 7 days to see results, but this is a good jump start!

Provide Critical Vitamins & Nutrients With A Highly Nutritional Shake

Increase your energy while you decrease sugar cravings with my nutrient-dense meal replacement shake


Cook With Confidence

Easy to make recipes that the whole family will enjoy!


A Plan For The Future

A Food Guide To Determine What Foods Are Best To Eat To Plan Healthy Meals After The Jumpstart is complete.


Who Is Val Kuikman?

howbusymomsgetfitVal Kuikman is a health and fitness coach, entrepreneur and an empowering coach for success.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University Of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  She is a Sergeant in Law Enforcement and is currently studying to receive certifications as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and nutrition specialist.

Val Kuikman’s mission is to empower people who lead a busy lifestyle to take control of their lives and lead a healthier lifestyle on their own time.  She wants to lead others to be role models to their peers and to achieve success and personal freedom in their lives.

What you get:

  • 7 Shakeology packets (one of each flavor fore each day of the Jumpstart)
  •  Jumpstart Your Journey Shakeology recipe book (fan favorite recipes for each flavor)
  • 7 Day Jumpstart Your Journey Meal Plan (done for you menus so you can shop and eat with ease to get the best fat burning results!)
    Nutrient Guide so you can continue to make healthy choices after you Jumpstart Your Journey
  • 7 Day Jump Your Journey Workout Guide


Jumpstart YOUR Journey!