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Welcome to V Quick Fitness

I am Val Kuikman (pronounced “Quick-men”)  the owner and fitness coach. I am a married mother of 1 son from a South Chicago suburb of Illinois.


My full-time job is in law enforcement.  I took an oath over 14 years ago to serve and protect the community with integrity and pride.  It’s a stressful job, but helping and serving is what gives me purpose.  When my son came along in 2009 I also served another purpose; mother.

With all of my time helping others, I forgot to help myself.  When I finally realized what I had become, I was 40 lbs over weight.   I was tired, self-conscious and broken.

I decided it was time to find a solution to my problem so I started training at home and eating healthy.  I lost 40 lbs and 3 dress sizes since I started. I used to lack self-confidence and self esteem.  Not anymore.  Because of my lifestyles change I was able to become a better mother, wife and daughter, I was also able to better serve my community.

Because my lifestyle change had done so many positive things for my life I decided that I wanted to help others to become healthier on their own time too.  So I decided to go into business as V Quick Fitness to help other busy people through quality fitness and nutrition.  I never knew how helping others could also do so many amazing things for others and my family…

Others were inspired to join our team and help others too. This is Susann who made up her mind to do something amazing. And she did!!  She joined the strength squad and lost 40 lbs.  She is an amazing example of finding her strong after living a life of abuse and suffering from PTSD.  She even took the step to become a Strength Dealer and help others who suffer from abuse to find their strong through healthy lifestyle changes.

I am also proud of the hard work I had put in and was honored to learn I had earned a celebrity photo shoot with two amazing trainers that had helped inspire me to lose weight and start my own business. I got to thank Tony Horton and Shaun T for helping lose those 40 lbs and gain my confidence back!  What a dream come to true to get thank the people that have helped me change my life in so many ways!

As a result of hard work and in gratitude of my team and customers I am able to create family memories by being able to take my husband and son on a free cruise to Cozumel and the Cayman Islands.  The trip was paid for as a result of my service to others through V Quick Fitness.  This would have never been possible without it!  It was an amazing experience for us . We swam with dolphins, experienced the culture, and had some much needed family bonding time.  

By serving my clients and the Coaches on our team I was able to earn a private leadership lesson from John Maxwell.  I’m a personal development listener reader and have read many of John Maxwell’s books. What a great mentoring session on leadership from one of the best in the business. I then brought this information back to the my team so we can serve our communities and clients even better.  


I was also able to completely pay for our dream vacation to Keywest and Disney for my family. We will never forget these moments and appreciate all the hard work made possible by the coaches and members of the V Quick Fitness community. This also made a stronger bond for my husband and I as we make our dreams come true together.

It is truly amazing what you can do when you set a goal to inspire and motivate others.  It can change your entire life.  I am proof.