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Are You Dedicated?


Quitting is the easiest thing you can do.  If I were Dana Vollmer I would have quit a long time ago. But she had dedication and it won her 32 medals in her swimming career.

Dana Vollmer is a 28-year-old mom from New York.  She grew up in a swimming family.  At 16 she won a gold medal and set the world record in the team freestyle medley.  That same year she was diagnosed with a heart problem and underwent surgery to repair it.  She continued to swim despite her condition.  She left the sport for several years and her swim coach provided her with work in Fiji teaching children how to swim.  In March of 2015 she had a son and went on to win a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal in swimming in Rio this summer.

What an amazing woman.  Despite her health condition and young age she never gave up.  She even became a mother a year before winning 3 medals in this year’s Olympics.  The long hours of training.  The pin point nutrition to properly fuel her body for performance.  On top of taking care of a toddler.

Do you think you could do it?  According to NBC news Olympics swimmers have two swim training sessions a day as well as a weight training workout.   Could you handle the strict diet of an Olympic swimmer?  

Most of you said no.  You wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to that right?

You don’t have to have this dedication.  These are Olympics athletes.  The best of the best.  But what is your best?  What if you could dedicate just 30 minutes a day and eat healthier using a simple portion control system?  I know you don’t have time like these Olympians, but you can do 30 minutes of a workout.  You can find time to eat healthy.  You can dedicate time to your health.  We all have big dreams some day.  To be the best at something and belong to something bigger than us.  If you want to be your family’s gold medal winner it’s time to take control.  It’s time to be dedicated.

Are you ready to be your family’s inspiration?  I’m ready to support you to the finish line.  Click here to join us in our next challenge.

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