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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Gym Part 2: Starting Over

It’s Time To Break Up With Your Gym Part 2

If you haven’t read part one I suggest reading it now as you will not understand what I am saying here!   Here’s a link to the original article, It’s Time To Break Up With Your Gym

Starting Over After Your Gym Breakup

Once you have a clean break up with your gym it is time to look for another avenue to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals and as quick as possible. This is crucial to not get lazy and lose momentum and motivation.  An online fitness group like How Busy Moms Get Fit might be a great option for your results and your wallet.

A New Relationship Blossoms

The cost to join my team is free.  With the free membership you get me as your personal coach with no hourly fees.  I want to get to know all members of my team and even put you in a secret Facebook group so you can all speak with each other too.  There is something great about a group of people who are working towards a common goal of staying healthy and losing weight or just maintaining your current fitness level.  I, as your personal coach, will help you with your diet and fitness program
while also supporting and motivating you along the way. I also run monthly challenge groups.  This is where customers all start a workout on a particular day and track their weight and measurements monthly while eating healthy and drinking Shakeology.  Now sure what Shakeology is?  Check it out here.  I offer support and motivation by videos, motivational quotes and prizes throughout the challenge process.  There is a cost to
join the challenge by purchasing a Team Beachbody Challenge pack. The challenge comes with the workout of your choice, 30 day club membership with access to a customizable meal planner and 30 day supply of Shakeology.  The price for a challenge pack can range from $140 to $305 depending on the program you choose.  The programs can also range in length from 21 days to 90 days as well.   So here’s a comparison Your

Gym              vs.           How Busy Moms Get Fit

Membership Fee: $99                              Free or $140-$305 for challenge pack 1 time fee

Monthly Fee:  $30                                     Free

Personal Training: $60-110 p/hr            Free

Diet Plan: Not offered                               Free or for meal planner $40 every 3 months

Food Plan: Not offered                             Included in 1st month and $97 to $120 a month

Group Support: Extra for classes           Free

Total:   $159.00 start up                           $140 to $305

If you go to the gym for 90 days your total for just the membership is $319.  If you see a personal trainer at the gym 3 times a week your total for 90 days is $1039.00!

For my current challenge right now my group is going to be starting 21 Day Fix Extreme.  It is a 21 day challenge and the cost of a challenge pack is $140.  So for that price you receive personal coaching from me, a customized meal planner, 30 days of Shakeology, portion control containers and the workouts.  You get all this additional support, motivation, coaching and even food for your diet for a fraction of the price of the gym! From this comparison you can see that a break up with your gym would seem like the best choice.  Did I happen to mention that if you discover that the Challenge Pack or Shakeology is not meeting your needs you can return the entire order and get your money returned with no questions asked!  I bet your gym wouldn’t do that for you! If any of this makes sense to you and you would like to join How Busy Moms Get Fit  just click the join now button at the bottom to create your free membership.  It’s completely free to join and you also get some great fitness and diet articles to help you get started too.

As an added bonus is you sign up for Club Membership ($2.99 a month or $40 billed quarterly)  you will receive 10 free workout programs (Insanity, P90X, etc.) digitally streamed to your I-pad, Desktop or mobile phone!  Get your workouts in anywhere now!  Check out more information on the Digital Streaming workouts by clicking here!

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