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Busy Mom Beasts Up With Body Beast

Today I embark on a new journey.  I am going to build lean muscle doing the Body Beast workout.  It is a weight training program that will help me tone up and get stronger, which are my current goals.  I’m a busy full-time working mom and love that I can get in a weight lifting routine in the comfort of my own home.  You don’t need a full home gym either.  All I have on hand is a set of adjustable dumbbells, a curl bar and a set of 10 lb and 5 lb plates for the bar.  I also use a stability ball instead of a bench for the lifting moves.

I completed day 1 today and it was Body Beast Chest/Tris.  I was surprised to see that I could have went heavier on the chest exercises, but the tricep sets to be challenging.  The most challenging part was the incline push up and tricep push up sets.  This workout was approximately and hour-long.  I am also following the Body Beast nutrition guide for the program which is called, “Book of the Beast”.

Busy mom beasts up with body beast

Sagi Kalev, the creator and trainer for Body Beast, really makes the nutrition easy to follow and track.  So far so good for today.  My calories are set at 1900 and I am currently eating 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat.  You can determine your calorie goal by using the formula set up by Sagi in the Body Beat Book of the Beast.  I am looking forward to a great calorie burn during Body Beast Build Legs tomorrow.  The bigger the muscle the more calories burned.  I will check in to let you know how I did.

If you would like to learn more about the Body Beast workout you can click here.

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