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Coaching Success: Interview With Premiere Coach Mike Nowak

coaching success

Becoming a Coach is a great business venture.  Some people think they can’t be successful.  Why not?  Meet Mike Nowak.  He is my Coach and he is just a regular guy from Minnesota.  He actually retired from his day job last year because of his coaching success with Team Beachbody Coaching.  He also reached premiere status as a coach.  Only 1% of all coaches have achieved this status.  If he can do it, so can I and so can you.  Here is my interview with Mike Nowak:

When Did You First Get Into Fitness?
I’ve always been active in sports growing up and found ways to stay competitive long after college in fitness with workouts and races

What was Your Biggest Struggle Starting Out?
Knowing what to do and when

What is the best advice you would tell your younger self?
Get help from someone that knows how to help based on your goals to find the best solutions and support system

What is your Favorite Program?
Body Beast

What Program Surprised You The Most?

How many times do you workout a week?
5-6 times a week.

What Is One Thing That People Don’t Know About You?
I got my Ph.D.  at age 26 and retired my Ph.D. at age 37.

When did you become a coach?
April 2009

What Are the Best Practices When For New Coaches?
Consistent action every day to invite to help others and work on your own personal growth to achieve stretch goals

Who Makes A Great Coach?
Anyone really. Just have to want it and do the work required for successful coach consistently over time.

What Would You Tell Someone Who Doesn’t Think Coaching Is For Them?
Don’t do it. Only do it if you feel it may be a good fit or you simply want to enjoy the 25 percent discount on game-changing products for health and fitness. This is not a convincing business, just sharing business to see if coaching helps achieve your WHY. If you don’t think it is a good fit for your WHY, ask more questions too determine or look for a different opportunity that is a clear fit.

Which Program Do You Wish You Can Do for the First Time Again?

What is the biggest reward being a Coach/Fitness Instructor?
Seeing others achieve their health, fitness and financial goals

What Do You Think Is The Biggest Part Of Your Success As A Coach?
Consistent action every day over time. The “Slight Edge” that compounds to success.

coaching success

What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment As A Coach?
We had a Premiere Coach Team 2014 and I ranked in top 1% overall and Top 25 male coaches out of 300,000+ coaches. Strong Team success.

What is the one food you can’t not eat if it’s in the room?
Kettle Corn

What is your go to place when you want to unplug from the world?
Bathroom, lol, I have 2 young kids

Who is the one person you admire in the Fitness world and why?
Tony Horton for changing my life with health and fitness plus financial legacy with coaching

coaching success

What is your Go to Workout?
Body Beast

Do you prefer bulking or cutting?
Both at same time

What is the biggest challenge you have faced while working out?
ACL injuries and lower back disc herniation

If you weren’t a coach what would be?
Ph.D. Engineer

What is your favorite hobby?

If I were to bump into you on a Sunday what would you be doing?
Family time

Would You Rather Workout with Someone or Alone?

List 3 of the Most Challenging Fitness Experiences You Have Had.
Insanity program, Tough Mudder, Yellowstone backpacking/camping adventure

What is your next goal in the fitness realm?
Lean Mass Gain

If you could be any animal what would it be?
Monkey. Serious, but agile and fun.

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