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Are You Consistent At Being Consistent?

I usually write articles that help busy moms save time by giving them a healthy recipe and a recommendation on a workout that fits into their busy schedules. Today is going to be a bit different though. I want to help you understand why being consistent is the key to achieving growth and results in your life. This can be applied to any situation you are currently struggling with in your life.

I’m going to be completely real about a problem I’m facing right now too. I hope that speaking about it will help other moms who are struggling know that they are not alone either. Maybe the information I speak about can help you too. Please comment below if you find it useful I would love to hear from you!

The Struggle For Consistency Is Real

Wether it’s your workouts, your business, your finances or even your spirituality being consistent is the key to success. I have found this to be true with something I’m struggling with currently.

Do you ever have those moments where you just don’t want to deal with a problem in your life so you blow it off?

Yeah, me too. I’ve been blowing off my budget for months now. My husband is out of work and we decided that he would be Mr. mom. That means cooking, cleaning, shopping and paying bills. The budget has been really tight lately due to the holidays. I started noticing us falling behind on our monthly bills. We never worried about a budget when we both worked. We literally could go out and buy whatever gadget we wanted and not worry about it. But now things are radically different. I haven’t sat down with my husband about our budget and made a plan of action either. I decided to blow it off and leave the burden entirely up to him. I see bills come in the mail and I used to open them immediately and place them in a folder for the month. Then I would write down the due date and which week we would pay the bill with the amount. At the time we really need a budget to keep us consistent I’ve completely checked out.

I feel terrible about it. So much so that it’s causing me stress. But I’m blowing that off too because somehow I think it’s magically going to get better.

Have you ever felt like this?

I know I need to be consistent in managing my finances but I honestly scared to death about it.

Remove The Fear And Act

I’ve vowed to start being more actively involved in the finances again. I want to actually reduce our debt by simply sticking to a plausible monthly budget for our family. I’m tired of worrying about it everyday. I decided that starting January 1, 2015 we are going to take control of our financial situation and make it a great year. I’m removing my fear and setting a plan of action in place.

I’ve learned that anything that scares you is there for a reason. Fear is a great thing. It can protect you, but a lot of the time fear is a way of telling you that you need to take action. If your health scares you then you should act on it. Your life actually depends on it. Maybe you struggle with your spirituality. Finding a deeper relationship with God or your religion can help ease your fear of where you will end up in the after life. My fear is losing my house, having my car repossessed, and not being able to provide for my son the way I would like to. So I must act on this fear by creating a budget and savings plan and staying consistent with it month after month. Only with consistent action am I able to move forward and eliminate my fear.

Are you consistent with being consistent?

Get Support To Stay Accountable

Starting January 1, 2015 I am going to reinvent my family’s situation financially. I have a plan to build a realistic budget and goals to accomplish this for the year. I plan on using a free 30 day program that is going to help me put all of my responsibilities in order and allow me to concentrate of my finances while also still spend time with my family, my fitness business and my full-time job. Balance is always important and also eases stress. The program I’m going to use was made by the famous fitness trainer Chalene┬áJohnson and is call the 30 Day Push. It is a free program that helps you decide the areas of your life that are important to you and ones you struggle with funding balance. Each day you receive a video with homework on how to work towards finding balance in the important areas of your life and working towards growing in the areas you struggle with. It’s great to help busy moms find balance in their busy routines and organize their daily and monthly activities. If you are struggling with your health, finances or career this is a great program to start at the beginning of the year to help you regain your focus.

If you would like to join me in this program just click the link and sign up. We can start January 5th together and comment on this blog every day to help each other stay accountable. It doesn’t have to be about finances either. Fitness, career or family are all areas that could use some revision in the New Year. Comment below if you are joining me in the 30 Day Push program

I’ll be checking back with how I am doing and the progress I’ve made after my first week in the program. I’m vowing to stay consistent and get my family back on track. I’ll be sure to give you some tips I’ve picked up and any tools I’m using that are helpful in budgeting as well.

Where do you struggle to stay consistent in your life? Comment below and don’t forget to share this with a busy mom who needs help too.

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