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FAQ: Hammer & Chisel

I’ve been getting several questions from clients and coaches about the Hammer & Chisel workout program. There is a lot of excitement for this program and I want to help you understand what it is all about.  Check out Autumn’s video where she answer the most frequently asked questions about Hammer & Chisel.

When will Hammer & Chisel be released?

It will be released during the day on December 1st.  Times of release vary depending on the state or country you live in.

How long is the program?

Hammer & Chisel will be a 60 day workout program.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts typically last 30 to 40 minutes.  It is amazing you can build muscle in a short workout time.  Great for busy moms and dads!

What is the nutrition program like?

The program is a portion control eating plan based on goals of building lean muscle.  Just fill the containers and go!

If I have weight to lose is this the program for me?

Yes as you build muscle you raise your metabolism which causes you to burn more calories.  Burning more calories also burns more fat and thus weight loss with the added benefit of gaining lean muscle in its place.

Is this program for women or men?

This program is for both man AND women.  We all want more muscle just in different quantities.  The nutrition program will be different base on men and women’s needs.

What equipment will I need?

For the Hammer & Chisel workout you will need a light, medium and heavy set of weights. I suggest even a heavier set you can use as a goal to use before the end of the program as well. There are sets of adjustable weights out there that are great and easy to switch while you are doing the workouts. I use both adjustable and free weights. You will also need a chin up bar, resistance bands, and a stability ball or bench. I currently use a stability ball for my workouts and find it to be more challenging on my core.

Do I Have To Take The Supplements?

No the supplements aren’t required, but if your goal is to get the best results then you should be using the Beachbody Performance line of supplements. Yes, even us women! I am using the Ultimate Performance Stack. I know my results will be great with the supplements and strong focus on nutrition.

Check out how some of our coaches’ results when they were chosen for the test group of Hammer & Chisel:


If you are as pumped as I am to start this workout you can sign up to join me when we start the first Hammer & Chisel Test Group for our team!  We will also be doing the test group with Autumn Calabrese!  Click here to register and really find out what you are made of!  The Test Group starts December 14th!  Can’t wait?  Well neither could I!  You can order here:

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