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Rise & Shine-Fitness Motivation


RISE AND SHINE-Fitness Motivation

I orginally found this speech as a youtube video.  I had to share the audio with you today as some fitness motivation.  I show the video to my groups right before we start our challenges.  It gets me pumped up every time.  Don’t hit that snooze button.  Welcome to the grind we have work to do today!

Here’s what I get out of this audio:

  • The easy way out there will always be there.  Don’t take it and get that workout in.
  • Fight against the opponent that is you.  Fight against your fears, your insecurities and that voice in your head.
  • Keep moving and don’t listen to that voice.  It’s a liar and you can prove it wrong.
  • Remember what you are fighting for.  What are your goals?
  • Believe the voice that says you can move faster.  It maybe whispering but keep going and it will turn into roar.
  • Sweat is a choice.  Are you choosing sweat or comfort today?

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