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[Video] Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Cardio

hammer and chisel

I tried out Hammer and Chisel Chisel Cardio today for the first time.  I have to tell you I sweat like crazy during it.  It had kettlebell swings and a lot of weight exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time.  This is why you burn and sweat so much during this workout.  It was about 37 minutes long which is perfect.  This was a hard workout for me today.  I was breathless at some points and had to take a few seconds to rest.  I am loving all of the Hammer and chisel workouts so far and can’t wait to start the test group on Monday with our team of awesome ladies!

Here’s a quick video on some of the moves I completed during the Chisel cardio workout today.

Check out another video on the workout Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Balance.

Have Questions About Hammer and Chisel?

If you want to know what equipment you will need for the Hammer and Chisel program check out my post on FAQ: Hammer and Chisel.

Come join the Hammer and Chisel for Women group starting next month or join us in the Hammer and Chisel test group.

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