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Hammer And Chisel: Isostrength Chisel

hammer and chisel

This went down today! I can’t even explain how much I love Hammer and Chisel already!and I haven’t even done all the workouts yet. Tried out Isostrength Chisel. It went by so quick! The Bulgarian squats were tough as heck! I don’t have a bench so I followed the modifier. 3 sets of Ten reps of each move followed by a 10 sec hold after each set….killer! I used 15 lbs on leg moves, 12.5 on rows and 5 on the lateral raise which I could barely finish. The pull ups were the hardest for me. Got through the first set and was almost at failure during the hold. Last two sets of pull ups were about three each! Room for improvement though. Recover going down now. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can do another one!

hammer and chisel

If you have questions about the Hammer and Chisel workout check out the FAQ: Hammer and Chisel post.  Check out another Hammer and Chisel workout by clicking here.  Want more information?  Click here.

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