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HOW BUSY MOMS GET FIT with 21 Day Fix Extreme

Going to the gym has never been easy for me. For starters, I follow a strict budget and cannot afford a monthly gym membership fee or personal training fees. They would cost upwards of $200 a month for me based on where I live. That does not include the cost to purchase healthy nutrition. I am married, the mother of a five year old boy, and have a full-time career in Law Enforcement. One might say I am BUSY! On top of that, I am also self-conscious. I have tried going to the gym. It felt like some of the people were staring at me and judging me. It does not help to have those vultures of men who you feel are undressing you with their eyes as well. I want to be comfortable when I workout and able to focus on my form instead of worrying about who is staring at me. With the 21 Day Fix Extreme, I am able to workout in the luxury of my own home and have unlimited access to other Beachbody Coaches for advice. The program includes nutrition with portion control containers, recipes, and even a healthy meal with Shakeology.

I became a coach in 2011 after losing 16 pounds and 2 dress sizes doing the P90X program and drinking Shakeology daily. I wanted to continue my journey maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I knew that other women like me would see results from Beachbody products while getting fit and feeling better working out from their own homes. My goal is to inspire and motivate busy moms and women in Law Enforcement to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the benefit of not only their careers but their families as well. As a result, I have been able to help countless moms lose their baby weight and find workouts that they can complete in less than one hour a day.

The best part of completing 21 Day Fix Extreme was establishing healthy eating habits that actually enhanced my workout results. With the portion control eating system and Shakeology, I was fueling my body with healthy foods that it needs to build lean muscle and burn more body fat. With the addition of following the Fixate Cookbook, I was able to prepare healthy meals in bulk that I could use for several meals throughout the week. By logging the containers each day, I stayed accountable and on track. The workouts were challenging and pushed me to try harder each day. The program comes with 7 different workouts. Working a different area of the body each day kept me focused as I tend to get bored doing the same routine each day. Cardio has always been boring to me so I loved the combination of both cardio and light weights.

The difference between the 21 Day Fix Extreme and other Beachbody programs is the weight loss aspect. Losing weight is the absolute focus of getting results with this program. The portion control eating system was easy to follow and being supplied with healthy recipes and choices for each container really takes the guesswork out, especially for busy moms like me. Once you have calculated the number of each container you need daily based on your goals, you can make your meals in bulk, twice a week. This saves a lot of time in the kitchen and keeps you focused on your nutrition all the while freeing up time that you can spend with your family. What I really enjoyed about this program is the container tracking app that I used on my I-Phone to track my snacks and meals while at work or on the go. Drinking Shakeology every day satisfied my desire for sweets, kept me full, and fueled my body with vitamins and nutrients that I need to keep me going. Numerous resources, tools, recipes, and encouragement are available from your Beachbody community making this the easiest program I have ever tried!

21 day fix extreme

Leg day was the most challenging part of this program but I was able to push through each time because I had the energy to do so due to eating healthy and following the portion control system. Next time I complete the program, I will incorporate the 21 day fix extremecountdown to competition nutrition provided by fitness competitor, Autumn Calabrese. She uses the program to tone up and get lean before she competes. The program is strict and does not allow for any cheats. It will be tough but I think adding this type of nutrition with the workouts will increase my results even more helping me to lose even more body fat and gain more muscle!

If you are reading this thinking there is no way you can do this program, I would like to encourage you to think again. The intense focus on nutrition and the challenge of the workouts will give you the results you have been looking for. You will become stronger both mentally and physically. The workouts are short enough to fit into a busy schedule and the color coded container system will allow you to cook in bulk with the ease of bringing them with you anywhere your busy schedule may take you. It creates maintainable habits of both working out regularly and eating healthy every day for 21 days. This program can be completed over and over again and the nutrition can continue for life. For anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, get stronger, and fuel your body with healthy foods that it needs, this program is for you!

Your busy schedule may have kept you from achieving results with other weight loss programs. You may have been waiting years, months, or weeks to find a nutrition system and workout program that will allow that person on the inside to be revealed to everyone on the outside. The mantra I follow for How Busy Moms Get Fit is, “Every Journey Starts with a Single Step”. The journey to letting that person break out from the inside is to take that first step by signing up with my 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge group today.

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