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How Soft Drinks Affect Your Health

soft drinks

I used to LOVE drinking soft drinks.  Seriously, between coffee and coca-cola that was basically all I drank.  Before starting my fitness journey I didn’t know why soft drinks was so bad for you.  Now I understand how sugar effects your body and I am glad that I don’t drink them anymore.  My next real challenge is eliminating sugar from my coffee!  Here is a great infographic that explains how soft drinks impact your health.

I didn’t know it affected your reproductive organs and asthma.  It is also interesting to note that the sugar in soft drinks is turned into fat in the liver.  For anyone looking to lose weight the soft drinks aren’t helping!

Has anyone give up pop?


How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

“Drop The Pop” Cut Out Soft Drinks Challenge

If I started a “Drop The Pop” 30 Day Challenge would you or your friends want to join?  I will create one if I get enough interest.  Comment on this post if you are interested and I will post the date and time to get a group started very, very soon!

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