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How To Eat Healthy When Ordering In Restaurants

eat healthy when ordering in restaurants

I am really good at staying on track when I can meal prep and bring my lunch to work with me.  However, when I go out, I don’t think I make the healthiest choices.  I surfed the net for some great tips on how to eat healthy when ordering in restaurants.  I found a great video from fitness expert, Betty Rocker.  Here is the video I watched.

She is great and I encourage you to follow her.  Here are the tips I’ve learned on how to eat healthy when ordering in restaurants.

If you are traveling or working from your car like I am here are some great on the go tips to eating healthy.

how to eat healthy when ordering in restaurants

When you sit down and look at the menu look at all the meals and their sources of protein.  You will want to choose the protein source first.  Some salads do not have a protein source available on the menu.  No worries simply ask to add a protein that you found in the menu.  Be nice to your server and the request will be granted!


When ordering always choose the BEST option for your meals.  Swapping avocado for cheese is a healthy fat substitute.  Understand that you will probably be up-charged for replacing anything with avocado when ordering out!


This tips applies to all meals.  Eating healthy when ordering in restaurants can be difficult, but make sure that your meal has a combination of healthy fat, greens for your healthy carbs, and a protein source.


A HUGE mistake most of us make when ordering is getting that hamburger.  The bun is more than likely not whole grain!  So swap out that bun on the burger for lettuce.  You can still enjoy the burger just without the unhealthy bun!


Yes avoid the soda.  Read my post on the Health Effects of Soft Drinks for more information.  This is the #1 tip to eat healthy when ordering in restaurants.  We think we need to treat ourselves, but this isn’t a treat at all.  Choose one of these options instead.


What did you learn about eating healthy when ordering in restaurants?  Don’t be afraid to order that salad and ask for chicken or shrimp to be added.  Also don’t be afraid to substitute quinoa or a side salad instead of fries or mashed potatoes.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and will make you proud for choosing the right food for your body.

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