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How To Make Avocado Pasta | Infographic

I was looking on Youtube looking to find new and healthy meal prep ideas and I came across a great video on how to make avocado pasta.  I think this is super simple and really healthy to make.  You can then freeze or make enough to last you a couple days.  I also suggest using whole wheat pasta or even using a veggeti to slice zucchini noodles.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

how to make avocado pasta      how to make avocado pasta      how to make avocado pasta

avacado_pasta_6   avacado_pasta_7

how to make avocado pasta  avacado_pasta_8


Cook pasta according to package directions.

how to make avocado pastaSpoon avocado into a blender

how to make avocado pasta

Add in olive oil

how to make avocado pasta

Add basil, spinach, garlic and lastly almonds



Blend lightly.  If too thick or dry try adding some water from the cooked pasta to the blender.

avacado_pasta_16Add to cook pasta

avcado_pasta_17Mix and Serve!


Kids really seem to like the avocado pasta.  I know my son loves it.  It’s super simple to make and I’m sure you can add this to your regular dinner rotation!  Here is the full video from MEG.

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