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Cut The Crap: How To Win At Losing Weight & Take Charge Of Your Life

Have You Tried Weight Loss Programs & They Just Don’t Seem To Work?

Well, you are not alone there are thousands of people who decide to quit their diets everyday.  However, this may not just be a lack of will power holding you back.  Whether you have started on this journey alone or are doing an at home program many of them fail to start you out on the right track.  I am here to show you how you can “Cut The Crap” and get your diet on track today for good!  Get the plan and start to win at losing weight.  You can take charge today! I originally created this post to help people understand how important it is to be in the right state of mind to win at losing weight.  I continued to write and decided that this article was much too long to keep as a single article, so I split it up into a two-part series.  Here is Part 1 of Cut The Crap:  How To Win At Losing Weight.

Make Your Goals Clear

You maybe thinking, “really Val, I know what my goal is.  I want to lose 30 lbs and I have wanted to lose 30 lbs. for the last 3 years.  How does this help me?”  Yes I’m sure everyone reading this post knows exactly how much weight they want to lose.  Some of you may even have a date set.  But that doesn’t make the goal anymore achievable than it did before now did it?  Does wanting to lose 30 lbs. really motivate you enough to lose weight?  Probably not. Many programs are missing the key ingredient to helping you succeed.  If you don’t have this ingredient you are throwing your hard-earned money away.

Want To Win At Losing Weight?

I want to cut the crap on diet programs and let you know how I did it.  Yes I lost 17 lbs. and 9 inches off my waist in 90 days.  I did it using Beachbody products such as P90X and Shakeology.  Not only do they work, we also offer support and motivation along the way.  Yes I as a coach of Team Beachbody am driven to see you succeed!  I want you to change your life for good starting today.  So let’s go started learning how to win! Here is a proven formula to cut the crap and win at losing weight:

1.  Determining Your Why- Mind Over Matter:  How To Retrain Your Mind, Reclaim Power, And Win At Losing Weight For Good!

This is the single most important step for winning at losing weight.  Now as I said earlier just knowing that you want to lose 30 lbs. is not going to cut it.  You have to really find out what is motivating you to want to lose the weight.  Maybe you had a baby recently and you are going back to work soon. This is motivating but ask yourself why again. Well, you want to lose the weight before you go back to work so you can fit into your pre-pregnancy work clothes and don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe.  Money is always motivating and trying to save money by fitting into your pre-prego work clothes is a great goal, but ask yourself why again. Ultimately you want to lose weight to fit into your pre-pregnancy work clothes before returning from maternity leave. You want to save money on buying a new wardrobe for work. And you want to not feel self-conscious of your weight gain when returning there. You would like to feel self-confident and know you look great when you walk back in the door for your first day at work.  You want people to say, ” Wow, you look fantastic!”  “It doesn’t even look like you had a baby!” Now doesn’t that sound better?  It’s not the cliché answers that are so motivating to you.  It is the why’s that are packed with emotion that make the best motivation.  If you can truly discover why you emotionally and physically desire to lose weight you have won half the battle.  The battle with your mind is the most important way to win at losing weight. Obviously your physical health is another extremely motivating why.  Let’s say you discovered that you have diabetes which is a result of your weight gain.  Now diabetes could lead to death if not treated, but could be “cured” if you lost weight.  Wouldn’t most people try anything to become healthy again? Many of us would.  And I would say that discovering an emotional aspect to your why is what will motivate you more than anything.  So grab a journal and get started today.  Discover what your why factor is.  A Beachbody Coach can help you discover your why.  A coach is also a great sounding board.  Let them know why you want to change your life and they can help keep you on track.  Sign up to become part of Team Beachbody and get a Coach here.

2.   Taking The Beachbody Challenge

The Beachbody Challenge is a great way to hold you accountable for your diet and fitness routines.  Watch this video about what the Beachbody Challenge is all about  Team Hustle-The Beachbody Challenge This Challenge is to motivate you to give it your all in your workouts.  Weight loss results can happen but you do have to put in the work too.  Usually your coach will place you into a group of 3 to 5 people doing the same workout program.  Your goals are the same:  to eat healthy and lose weight.  Although our why’s might be completely different,  you share the same goal. This allows the group to support each other as there is power in numbers.  There is also nothing better than a little friendly competition with your workout buddies during the workouts too.

3.  Personal Coaching

One great concept that Team Beachbody uses is the concept of using Coaches.  I know how important my Coach was when I started.  He helped me get my diet on track and my macronutrients in the correct percentages.  He helped support me when I started and added me to a Challenge group containing wonderful people who also supported and motivated me.  As a result, I loved working out and it has become a part of my life.  I am so passionate about it that I decided I wanted to share my results with others.  I want to help you change your life today.  Are you ready to get support and motivation from a Coach who will help you succeed?  Do you want support and motivation to keep you on track to your weight loss goals?  Well, come sign up to win at losing weight Team Hustle style!!! Stay tuned for more information on how to win at losing weight.  I have four more tips on how you can be successful with our weight loss journey!  Take time now while you are waiting for part 2 to be posted to write your why.  Make sure you keep asking yourself this questions a couple of times you discover a truly emotional and motivating reason that you want to change your life and win at losing weight. Come visit me on Facebook and Twitter and say hi!

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