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Infographic: Timing Your Workout Supplements

workout supplements

Recently I started documenting my journey with the Hammer & Chisel program on YouTube.   I have received several messages from other working moms asking about my workout supplements.   What supplements do you take and why do you take them?   Instead of explaining it in long written post, I created this easy-to-read Infographic.

workout supplements

How I Time My Workout Supplements:

I love using the entire performance line with the exception of creatine.  I am not against the use of it, I just don’t like the water retention I get from it.  For longer workouts (over 45 minutes), I use two scoops of the Energize, a scoop and a half of the Hydrate, and one scoop each of the Recover and Recharge.

The result for me is an improvement in my endurance during the workouts.  I also feel more hydrated.  The Recharge is great and has helped me to build lean muscle.  The most noteworthy benefit of the Recharge is that it has also helped prevent DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) while I sleep.

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