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Is Sugar The New “F” Word?

Sugar the word makes anyone on a diet cringe. We are told to avoid it. I was speaking with someone yesterday who told me he has completely cut out sugar from his diet. He doesn’t even eat fruit. 
But is sugar as bad as they say?
Yes and no. Refined sugar is the bad guy you should avoid. They remove all the nutrients and vitamins during the refining process making pure sugar which is the bad stuff we should be avoiding. Fructose and high fructose corn syrup are what is left. They are not digested in the body when eaten in high amounts which are stored as fat in our bodies. 
But there’s also fructose in fruit which naturally leads us to believe we should not eat that as well right ? No. 
Fructose in fruit contains the vitamins and minerals we need. Fruit contains vitamin C, potassium and lots of fiber our bodies need. They also contain low amounts of fructose. This amount is digestible in our bodies. 
Fruit is a food group for good reason. It is a whole food that should be eaten and not avoided. Go for organic when possible. We’ve been eating fruit since the beginning of time. Don’t avoid it and get sugar in your diet the healthy way. 
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