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Lose Weight At Home: 6 Brilliant (and Slightly Badass) Tools to Do It

Lose Weight At Home On A Busy Schedule

As a mom I know we lead such busy lives that it feels like we are being pulled in a million directions sometimes.  I wish I was octo-mom! Well not the octo-mom but I did wish I had eight arms sometimes.  I know all mom’s experience this issue daily. We are the bus driver, the chef, the laundry mat, the counselor, the teacher, etc..  Losing weight  is definitely something that you want to do for yourself but you just can’t seem to make time for it.   You don’t have to make dieting and losing weight a chore that will break your wallet.  It can be added to the mix of your already busy schedule.  Here are some brilliant tools to you can use to lose weight at home.

If I Want To Lose Weight At Home Where Do I Start?

In order to lose weight you must eat less than your daily recommended calories per day.  My recommended calorie intake is 2100 calories per day to maintain my weight and build lean muscle.  I am a 35-year-old woman who is 5′ 3″ and I weight 130 lbs and moderately active throughout the day.  When I started out on my journey I weighed 167 lbs.  My calorie intake back then was 1600 calories.  In order for me to lose weight at 167 lbs.  I had to have a calorie deficit of 500 calories. If you are looking to lose weight at home without the advice of a personal trainer then I suggest a 500 calorie deficit.  You don’t need to have an expensive personal trainer or nutritionist tell you that either. Your daily calories are figured out by your age, weight, sex, height, weight and normal activity level.  This is what a personal trainer or fitness nut would call your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). If you are looking to calculate your daily calories check out this bad ass calorie calculator to figure out yours daily intake and then subtract 500 calories from that.  They even explain how to do it there.  Go figure out your daily calories and bookmark the page for future use.

1.  Slightly Bad Ass Lose weight at home calorie calculator.

 Eat To Live Not Live To Eat

We all enjoy food and it has to taste good right?  Well dieting doesn’t mean that you are totally deprived.  You simply have to eat less than your daily calorie intake a day.  I am going to show you another bad ass way to track the calories you are eating too.  Just take a look at some of the great ways you can learn how to eat to live and not live to eat so you can lose weight at home!

2) Calorie Tracking Program There are several great calorie tracking programs on the web today and a lot of them are completely free. Tracking your calories is simple but can seem like a chore.  Good News! With our great technology these days you can now simply scan the UPC code on any package and instantly have the nutritional information transferred right into your calorie tracking program. I personally use My Fitness Pal as a calorie tracking program.  There are thousands of foods already listed there too.  And did I happen to mention it’s free?  There are even forums to ask questions in along with adding your friends, family and workout buddies as friends to check on your diet and hold you accountable.  Grab the free app for your smart phone too so you can track on the go! I do have to say that you not follow the diet guidelines they offer you for you BMR that we discussed earlier  The program doesn’t seem to accurately track how many calories you should be eating a day.  Make sure you use the Lose Weight At Home Calorie Calculator and then add your calories in per day later. Another slightly bad ass thing the My Fitness Pal does is that it can track your daily workouts and how many calories you burned there.  That means more for you to eat as those are negative calories for the day based on how many you burn.  I think you are beginning to see that it isn’t that hard to lose weight at home with the right tools at your finger tips!

3) Heart Rate Monitor If you are wanting to get a correct reading of how many calories you burned during your workout then I totally recommend you getting a heart rate monitor with a calorimeter.  I use a Polar FT4 that I got from Heart Rate Monitors USA.  They are competitive in pricing and offer free shipping too.

4)  Adjust Your Weight If you are looking for a reasonable set of adjustable weights try out this adjustable set Weider PowerSwitch 12.5 lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set.  If you are looking for a heavier set that will last you a long time you should invest in this Bowflex adjustable weights.Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair),

I have had this same set of dumbbells (Weider PowerSwitch) since I started working out.  I should also let you know I am an Amazon Affiliate for this product because I do love this set of weights.  It is much easier to transition between each move if you just slide and go! I use much lighter weight on my tricep extensions than I do on my bicep curls.  You will probably do the same and if you hate having to pause the DVD player to adjust your weights this is a bad ass addition to your workout tools.  I know with the budget you are thinking this is going to break the bank but for under $100.00 this deal is bad ass.  Check out other adjustable weight prices and you will see this is probably one of the best you will find.  If you find a lower price for adjustable weight please post a link to it in the comments section for others to use.

5) Be A Time Management Nazi I’m sure with the laundry list of children’s activities in the evening and on weekends you may think you can’t consistently get a workout in.  I’m telling you YES YOU CAN!  With my current Mommy Boot Camp (come join us) you get a fantastic workout in 30 minutes or less with a great meal planner and recipes!  Pretty great huh? But the secret to any busy mom’s schedule and how to lose weight at home is having a time management schedule.    I have seriously become a time management “nazi” since I started working out and it really does make all the difference.  Check out my post 5 Time Saving Tips To Healthy Eating

6)  Workout Shoes If you want to lose weight at home you need a comfortable pair of workout shoes.  These workout shoes should only be used in the house and not outside and they don’t have to be a pair that will break your budget either.   I suggest cross training shoes.  Running shoes may also work but I have found many people will have problems with their ankles and shins if you are doing high impact HIIT or cardio.

Balance Your Checkbook

6) Grab A Workout Buddy   Staying accountable and motivated can be hard at times.  You simply think of all the things you have to get done during the day and “that voice” in your head starts telling you that you can skip the workout in and get it done later.  Don’t listen to this voice! Schedule a time to get your workout in.  If you want to lose weight at home a workout buddy is a perfect way to hold you accountable.

So I’ve given you 6 Slightly Bad Ass Tools to help you lose weight at home.  I will be adding more tools and useful advice in future articles for you to use.  If you have an idea or tool that you use comment below and let us know! It isn’t that difficult or expensive to lose weight at home with the right tools.  Of course your diet and workout program are the most important.  Future articles will help you with those to important concepts as well. In the mean time bookmark, or subscribe to email or an RSS reader to stay updated on future lose weight at home articles and advice.  Don’t forget to share this with a friend today too!

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