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Motivation-Les Brown and Eric Thomas


Finding motivation to get up everyday and workout can be tough.  It makes it a bit easier when you have somebody motivating you to get going in the morning.  Eric Thomas is that man for me.  He lights me on fire with his words.  This particular speech by him moves me forward every time.  It gets me pumped up to attack my workout and my business.  It’s a shorter speech, but that doesn’t make it less effective.  My takeaways from the speech are:

  • Embracing your pain and moving forward.  When we workout we tend to avoid the pain.  Embrace it.  It is progress.  Don’t quit when you feel pain push harder.  Of course stop working out if that pain is an actual injury!
  • I’m going to challenge myself.  The only way to make change is to go beyond what you are capable of.  Are you ready?
  • Today is the only important day.   No one remembers what you did yesterday. Work on yourself today like it is the last day of your life.  Make it memorable and exciting and then think of tomorrow like it is the only important day too.  A great way to stay motivated every day.
  • Your biggest enemy is yourself.  If this isn’t the truth?  Remove your fears and limitations that you put on yourself.



Here is the full speech. If you would like to listen to more Eric Thomas speeches on Soundcloud you can find them here.

What do you think?  Does this fire you up?




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