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Motivation Monday


It’s a new week and a new chance to get it right

Motivation-mondayIt’s Monday and I like to call it Motivation Monday.  Why?  Because if you start out your week eating right and working out you may just keep going through the week doing it.  I haven’t really seen a successful week start on a Tuesday or Wednesday either.  If it started on Sunday, the of the week, we would all be super stars though!  Lol!

I am starting week 3 of Body Beast Build this week. I can feel myself getting stronger every workout. I managed to increase many of my weights last week except for the leg routine in which I struggle with. I know my weakness is leg day. Does anyone else struggle with it too?

My nutrition is getting really good and I am taking a ton of vitamins to help me stay healthy. I am also taking a variety of supplements as well. Since starting the vitamins I can really feel an increase in energy and over happiness too. My body is also becoming leaner as well. I found the right mix of vitamins and supplements by seeing how my body responded and talking to other female coaches who have done body beast before. Here’s a picture of me rom last weeks workout with my workout partner and biggest fan.
If you are interested in finding out what vitamins and supplements are right for you as a women who weight lifts check out this article from

So are you going to start out your week right? I know I am. I prepped some veggies for salads, cooked some chicken, and made a batch of quinoa and brown rice for my lunches this week for work. I also have my vitamins and supplements ready to go for tomorrow. I have already out my workout in the DVD player and am getting my weights in order. It’s going to be a great day and I love starting it off with some weight lifting. Lift heavy ladies you won’t bulk up I promise!!

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