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The Power Of The Tape:  Taking Measurements

I’m starting a new challenge with my team Monday and have learned a lot through coaching others.

There are three crucial steps that I make all my challengers follow that will ensure their results:

1.  Follow the workout as scheduled. No skipping days or taking unscheduled rest days.

2.  Follow the nutrition plan. No, sugar. No, pop. Drink your shake every day.

3.  Take your measurements and pictures.

the power of the tape: taking measurements

The only way you can measure your results is by measuring. I know it sounds silly, but the number on the scale can lie. True results come from lost inches and body fat. So taking the measurements and logging them in the beginning, middle and end of the challenge will determine your results and transformation.

The pictures are also a good way to show you how you have transformed your body. We see ourselves every day and don’t notice the changes until they are dramatic. Taking pictures before and after is great motivation to keep you going after you complete the program.

Plus, when you submit your measurements and transformation photos you get a free t-shirt!  I think of it as a trophy for completing the challenge!!

Take your measurements and stick with the program, the changes will come. We start Monday May 4th so if you want to join us comment below or click here to sign up now.

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