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What Ronda Rousey’s Loss Means For All Women

Ronda Rousey

On Friday Ronda Rousey took a devastating loss to Amanda Nunes in UFC 207.  I like many of you, was angry at Ronda for a couple reasons:

  1. I was up until after 11:00 p.m. (my bed time is 9 p.m. to get up at 3:30 a.m. to work on my business and workout.)
  2. A family member just wasted $60 of their hard-earned money.  (Luckily, it wasn’t mine but I felt bad for them.)
  3. The match lasted 48 seconds.
  4. Ronda didn’t even throw a punch or kick.
Ronda Rousey

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I am NOT writing this to bash Ronda Rousey.  In fact,  she inspires me.  Ronda is tough, she knows what she wants, and she works her ass off to get it.  This is by far my favorite video of Rousey working out:

On Facebook I found an article by Rousey’s mother. It was a statement she released on  Ronda’s loss.  Being a mom myself I knew the statement had to be supportive of her daughter.  I didn’t expect it to list all of Rouseys’ accomplishments:

Following the loss Ronda’s  mother released the following statement on her blog:

“Like every mother and daughter on the face of the earth, Ronda and I don’t always see eye to eye. However, there is one situation where I am pretty certain.
All of those who have criticized Ronda for taking a loss so to heart, for not just ‘shrugging it off’ don’t understand that what made Ronda so successful is that she cares DEEPLY about winning to an extent that I don’t believe the average person can wrap his/her head around.
Caring deeply about something and working your hardest to make it doesn’t mean you make the right decisions 100% of the time. Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if it did?
Those of you who want to criticize Ronda, I just want to point out a few things. First of all, I know her better than you and she is a smart, kind, talented, generous, hard-working person.
Second, I’d like to list some of her accomplishments, and note that she isn’t yet 30 years old:

Junior World Judo Champion
Panamerican Games Judo Gold Medalist
First American woman in a decade to win a world cup in judo (and then she went on to win several more)
U.S. Open Gold Medalist
World Judo Championships Silver Medalist
Olympic Bronze Medalist
U.S. Senior National Champion
First UFC World Champion
First woman to make a million dollars in martial arts
Co-authored sports book of the year – My Fight/ Your Fight
Acted in three movies

That’s just a partial list, but let me suggest that someone who has been world level athlete in two sports, written a best seller, acted in movies and made millions of dollars, all before the age of 30 has a pretty darn good track record. On top of that, Ronda has been part of the USADA drug testing since she was 16 years old, never failed a drug test, always paid her taxes, never been arrested, never been to rehab, has zero divorces, zero DUIs and zero children. While you might think that is to be expected, look how many celebrities (heck, look how many of your neighbors) can say that.
I am very proud of my daughter.

I was not aware of Ronda’s life before UFC.  I did not know about her success in Judo and the many medals she earned.  This just made me admire her even more.

Ronda has a winning mind-set.  I don’t have a daughter but I wish I did.  I would definitely raise her to focus and forget the label of “fight like a girl”.  I would teach her that you are not limited by your gender you are empowered by it.   There are so many more barriers to be broken for women in 2017.

It’s up to us to raise our children to never give up and to raise our daughters (and nieces) to be confident and fight for greatness.

What did you think of Rousey’s loss?  Do you think she will fight again? Comment below.

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