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Sports Nutrition: Eat Like A Professional Athlete

sports nutrition

I love this chick and can’t get enough of her!  In this video Autumn Calabrese discusses her top tips on sports nutrition.  This is great for moms who have children that play sports or for anyone who is active for over two hours in an athletic activity.

Autumn provides 7 tips on sports nutrition:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Drink sports drinks in moderation I personally use the Hydrate supplement during intense cardio workouts and am currently using it during Hammer  & Chisel as well.
  3. Your body needs sodium
  4. Eat Protein
  5. Eat slow-digesting protein before bed
  6. Eat anti-inflammatory foods


Which tip did you not know about sports nutrition? Will you start doing it now? (leave your answers in the comments)

I agree with Autumn on eating the slow-digesting protein before bed.  Athletes and anyone working out should be eating protein before they hit the hay.  It is a myth that your body stops digesting food while you sleep.  Typically  you should be sleeping 7-9 hours a night.  While you are awake you should be fueling your body with food every 3 hours.  So when you sleep you are actually starving your body.  As a result, it will start to break down your muscle for fuel.  This is harmful to you if you are trying to tone up or even lose weight.  Eating slow digesting protein (also known as casein protein) about 30 minutes before bed will give your body the fuel it needs instead breaking down your hard-earned muscle.  I have had great results with drinking the Recharge supplement since it was released.  It is a slow digesting protein and tastes delicious!  If you are looking to keep muscle tone the Recharge supplement is worth it.


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