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Seven Must-Have Supplements For Toning and Fat Loss

supplements for toning and fat loss

I’ve recently completed my first round of Hammer and Chisel.  In the past I have completed Body Beast, Les Mills Pump, 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.   I love weight lifting and what it does for my body and my mind.  I have also learned a lot of proper nutrition and how supplements can help you get results even faster.  I know some people just don’t want to take supplements.  I can tell you that the first three items are vitamins and are good for you.  Don’t believe me?  Go google these below three vitamins and comment back here if you don’t think I’m right.  The other four are supplements that were created by a Harvard doctor.  Test and approved.

What I’ve learned from weight lifting is that you have to lift heavy and work your muscles to fatigue.  It is an amazing feeling to REALLY work your muscles.  I was stuck on cardio for so long that when I discovered Body Beast and Hammer and Chisel it blew me away!  I followed the nutrition guides that are provided with the programs for my nutrition, but I thought I maybe missing something.  I started doing my own research and discovered a lot about proper supplements and their timing.  Along with the proper timing of your meals to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to burn fat and build lean muscle.  To help burn even more fat it can be done with loads or cardio.  For me I just don’t have time to spend three hours in the gym and I really hate cardio!    If you’re like me, you don’t have that time.  But I can find 45 minutes a day to get in a great workout.  I have found a simple and natural way to shed fat without the extra cardio.  It is what I call, “The Trifecta”.

The Trifecta

supplements for toning and fat loss

The importance of building muscle while burning fat is simple, however,  we are all short on time.  I know I am being a full-time working mom and fitness coach.  So a better solution rather than spending hours in the gym on workouts is to take vitamins and supplements to help your body get the toning and fat loss.  I have found that these three vitamins are the perfect trifecta supplements for toning and fat loss.

1.  Fish Oil

WHAT IT DOES: What doesn’t fish oil do? It reduces may help support overall health, and, a biggie, it also has been found to turn on genes that stimulate fat burning.  Perhaps more interesting for people looking to build muscle, EPA and DHA in fish oil has been suggested to support muscle protein synthesis and limit muscle protein degradation. This can mean less muscle breakdown and more muscle growth.  Furthermore,  it means it pushes the protein towards the muscle and away from the fat!

HOW TO TAKE IT: Take 2g of fish oil three times daily, with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2.  CLA

WHAT IS CLA?    CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid (a good fat present in foods such as meat, cheese, and dairy products at low levels). At least 1.4 to 3.0 grams per day dietary CLA is necessary to achieve body fat loss1,2.

However, obtaining CLA from the diet is problematic since it is present in very low levels in foods that also contain high amounts of saturated fat (bad fat). However, increased consumption can be achieved by supplementation.

WHAT IT DOES: Although other omega-6 fats are not so healthy, primarily because Americans tend to get too much of them in their diet, CLA is different. Numerous studies suggest it supports fat loss while simultaneously promoting muscle growth and strength. It’s main mechanism appears to support a boost in metabolism. It also appears to promote burning more fat during sleep, thereby sparing muscle tissue.

HOW TO TAKE IT: Take about 2g of CLA three times daily, with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3.  Green Tea Extract

WHAT IT IS: The active ingredients in green tea, particularly the polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate.

WHAT IT DOES: EGCG blocks an enzyme that normally breaks down norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter/hormone related to the adrenaline that increases metabolic rate and fat burning, keeping norepinephrine levels higher. Green tea extract also has been suggested to help support enhanced muscle recovery after intense workouts, as well as aid in supporting healthy joint function.

HOW TO TAKE IT: Take about 500 mg of green tea extract standardized for EGCG three times daily before meals, with one dose about 30-60 minutes before workouts.

As you can see these three supplements can really amp up your fat burning as well as give you some extra pep throughout the day.  I would highly recommend you adding them to your arsenal.  The best place to get these supplements with quick shipping and competitive pricing is

I have also added in this performance stack and this really has made a difference with the intensity of my workouts, an increase in strength and an increase in lower body fat and muscle building.  It is the performance line.  Here is what I’m currently using.  You can click the links below to see a detailed listing I’ve made about each supplement.


 I now use a pre-workout that give me added energy and endurance for heavy lifting.  This is the Energize supplement.

To stay hydrated and for added stamina during my workout I use the Hydrate supplement.  This isn’t for your regular 30 minute workouts though.  This supplement is used for hard or intense workouts to prolong activity and replace electrolytes lost while sweating.  I used to drink just water during workouts to hydrate and I think that I was missing out on performance because of the vitamins and nutrients my body was burning without replacing them.

After my workout I immediately make myself a shake using water and the Recover supplement.  It tastes of chocolate madness so there is no need to add anything but water and ice to this one.   Recovery meals are crucial to results and as you can see this has all the carbs and protein in the right ratios to maximize your results and help your muscles recover faster.

The best part of these supplements is this one.  I always thought you shouldn’t eat before bed.  I figured your body wouldn’t digest the food and it would be stored as fat.  Oh so not true!!  I have learned your body starves itself or fasts during the time your sleeping as you are not eating.  So it consumes your muscle as food while you sleep. It is important to fuel your muscles while you sleep to maintain your muscle and build new muscle. I have started seeing huge results in muscle definition because of the recharge supplement.  The slow-digesting proteins allow my muscles the nutrients it needs to stay nourished while I sleep as well as reducing muscle soreness from the new muscle I am building as well.

These are the supplements I take to help shed fat and build lean muscle.  As always your nutrition will play a crucial role in how your body responds to your workouts so be sure to eat healthy!  If you have questions about your nutrition comment below and I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible!!

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