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V Quick Fitness and I value your business and we want you to achieve your goals on your own time. That is why we offer personalized coaching consultations, quality products and excellent customer support. Our most trusted product in nutrition is Shakeology. It is easy to make and packed with dense nutrition.

I will help you lose weight, have more energy and reduce sugar cravings. It is more than just a protein shake or meal replacement shake. It is complete quality and nutrition that has made my busy life so much easier. I would like to offer you a chance to try our most popular 7 flavors of Shakeology for only under $35.00!

I want you to experience the change in your energy levels, digestion and reduction in sugar cravings that I experience every day from drinking Shakeology without having to try a full 30 day supply. Find out which flavor (or combintation of three) you love best before you purchase the 30 day supply.

Have questions about what is in Shakeology? Watch this video:



Now the price of a 30 day supply of Shakeology may make you cringe, but I want you to know that buying a Starbucks coffee costs more than one shake. And as you can see buying all these healthy foods really adds up. I am a mom and budgeting is definitely at the top of my mind. I actually SAVE money when I buy Shakeology because that is one meal I don’t have to worry about for an entire month. It’s piece of mind and it saves you time by not having to make a meal one time every day.


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