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The 5 Best Home Workouts For A Busy Mom

5 best home workouts for a busy mom

Finding a time and place to workout when you are a mom is a hassle. Do you even want to pay a babysitter to watch your kids so you can go to the gym? Plus have you seen the cost of some gym memberships these days? Damn! Yup, I’m with you on this moms it can get expensive and if you are on a budget like me those extra costs for a babysitter and gym membership are out of the question.

I’ve found working out at home is more comfortable for me as I was self conscious when I started working out. I think I still would be a bit creeped out at a guy staring at me while working out. Yeah he could be checking on my form or something, but the form of what is what I’m worried about. To avoid all this drama home workouts are for me. I am a busy mom too I work full time 12 hour shifts as a police officer, run my own fitness business, How Busy Moms Get Fit and am married with a young son. I don’t have time to fool around and love living a healthy lifestyle.

I have experience with a lot of workouts from Team Beachbody. I am also a Coach for them for four years and have been working out with their products for five years. . After completing several of their home workouts over the years I have compiled a list of the 5 Best Home Workouts For A Busy Mom.

I will explain the program and why it appeals to busy moms briefly with links to each programs’ page so you can go watch a trailer video of the workout and learn more about it.

Focus T25 Background

Focus T25

This was a program that is still featured in my Busy Mom Bootcamp today. It’s great for taking off the baby weight.

The workouts are 25 minutes with a 2.5 minutes cool down at the end.  This a cardio intensive workout that has two phases; alpha and beta. Each phase is 4 weeks long.

In alpha you develop stamina and strength while doing cardio workouts. In beta you lean out with the incorporation of bands or weights.

There is a modifier for those that may have a pre existing knee or back injury.

Focus T25 has a strong emphasis on developing your core. This is why it is a perfect program for those that have had children or really want to shed inches on their hips and waist.


21 Day Fix

This is my true love program!  This is great for people who struggle with finishing a workout program. If you have tried and quit then you can do the 21 Day Fix.

The workouts are 30 minutes long and focus on the total body.  There are 7 workouts in the program so you will be doing a different workout each day. This is great because I tend to bore with workouts easily.

The best part of the 21 Day Fix is the nutrition. If you struggle with your diet this is for you!  The focus is on using color-coated portion containers for your meals. Just fill the containers each day with the right foods and your diet takes care of itself. I’ve done 11 rounds of this program and still come back for more.

I lost 13 lbs and several inches in just one 21-day round of the 21 Day Fix. I highly recommend it for those that struggle with nutrition or for new moms that bore easily with workouts.



If you loved P90X but couldn’t find time to do the workouts P90X3 is for you.   These workouts are all 30 minutes or less and you will never be bored with your workouts again.  P90X3 is for those that want a total body toning program.  Yoga, Weightlifting, Cardio, Pilates, Isometric workouts, it has it all.  If you get bored easily and need a lot of variety this is a great one for you.  Be prepared this is challenging, but totally doable.  If you really want to tone up and increase your flexibility then this program will do that for you.


Insanity Max 30

Love cardio?  Want a challenge?  Then you need to do this workout.  Insanity Max 30 is all of Insanity crammed into 30 minutes.  Basically Shaun T wants to kick your ass until you can’t go any further.  That is when you Max out.  No weights in this program but you will tone up with Tabata-style workouts and just pushing yourself to go further every time.  This is a 60 day program and is great for building physical stamina and mental toughness.  See if you can last all 30 minutes of these workouts.

21 Day Fix Extreme

If you want a big challenge you’ve got it!  With this combination of both cardio and weights along with the portion control meal plan you will definitely be creating a new you.  Although extreme this is a great program for toning the legs and abs.  There is upper body workouts in there, but I noticed the biggest change in my butt and legs.  I found using the countdown to competition meal plan option was a great way to challenge myself with both the fitness and nutrition during this 21 Day Program.  A great workout for busy moms who are looking for something to tone them up after the 21 Day Fix or T25.

21 day fix extreme workout for busy mom21 day fix extreme workout for busy mom


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