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The Beginner’s Guide To Lifting Weights

If you are new to weight lifting this is a great infographic to help you get started. It is the basics for getting results with lifting weights. However, I can simplify this into 4 steps for beginners.

The 6-STEP Beginner

Step 1

Your first step should be to assess your body and determine your measurements, body fat percentage, and weight.  This will help you determine your starting point and help you with Step 2.

Step 2

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself. Smart is an acronym for how you should set the goal.


Your goal should be specific to getting a certain result. For example, I want to lose x amount of pounds.


In order to check your progress your goal has to be measurable. In fitness taking your measurements, weight and body fat percentage (with calipers) will help you see how well you are progrssing towards your specific goal.


Your goal has to be realistic. You cant expect to lose 50 lbs in a week. Some goals are never reached because they weren’t made with a realistic purpose. Be honest woth yourself based on the difficulty of the goal. Don’t underestimate your goal either as this will allow procrastination to set in.


Your goal has to be relevant and current. It’s great to set long term goals, but while working towards them you have to set mini-goals or bemchmarks to keep you progressing forward.


Goals shouldn’t be set without a deadline. This would allow us to never really get started or finish them. Make a gosl and set a time frame to achieve it that is realistic, but also gives a sende of urgency to complete it.

Step 3

With a fitness coach like me you can eliminate step 4 and 5. When you join my team I provide you with a home workout program and a nutrition program that fits your goals. I even provide supplements and shakes based on what fitness goals you are trying to achieve!  This is the biggest step to getting started and will set you up for getting results as well.  Contact me for a consultation so I can help you get started.

Step 4

In order to keep progressing you need to track your progress. This means doing Step 1 over again. I suggest once a month. This will help you determine and reassess your goals. Just keep at it and you will reach them. Even if you don’t meet the deadline you set, quitting just isn’t an option.
If you are ready to being you can join us with Hammer and Chisel. It’s a great way to start strength training. Check the upcoming challenges on the home page to join us.

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