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Can’t Fit In Your Workout? 4 Must Have Time-Saving Tips For Busy Moms

Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in your day!  I feel the same way too sometimes!  With the kids, husband, cooking, cleanings and even sometimes a full-time job you feel that there is just no time to get into shape.  You have that voice in your head that keeps telling you, “When the kids get back in school I will have more time,” or “Next year I will wear that bikini”.  I am telling you that you can start today!  It is simple…..yes I said it IT IS SIMPLE!!

time saving tips for busy moms

I know you think I am crazy but if I can do it I know you can too!  I work a full-time job, am a mother, wife, daughter, I write this blog, and I own my own business!  If I can find time to hit a workout routine everyday then I know you can too!  I have developed four tips to help me manage my time to get both quality time with my family and a workout in 6 days a week.

Busy Mom Time Saving Tip #1:  Pre-Plan and Pre-cook your meals (time saved: 30 minutes)

This is critical to free up some time for you!  You should be working out six days a week with one rest day.  On your rest day sit down and plan what you will make for meals for the upcoming week.  Then make your shopping list and go buy your needed items.  Then come home and start cooking!  I have learned that you should always make a larger meal than your family can eat in one sitting.  Those leftovers can then be frozen and re-heated later for another meal or for hubby’s lunch the next day!  Also making meals ahead of time and freezing them is a fantastic way to free up extra time that you would be using to prepare those meals everyday!   Team Beachbody has a fantastic meal planner menu that sets up three healthy meals for you for an entire week.  It also comes with a shopping list that you can print out and take with you to the store!  Now that is convenient and another way to free up some time for your workout.

Busy Mom Time Saving Tip #2.  Set Up a Cleaning Schedule ( 30 minutes to 60 minutes)

Doesn’t it seem like there is never enough time to clean?  Well your house will never be spotless!  I’m sure you probably don’t have the money to hire a maid either!  But to make the most of your time I would make a weekly cleaning schedule and hang it with all the other ones on the fridge!!  Designate a room or two to clean each day of the week.  Leave more time for the larger rooms like the kitchen and double up on the bathrooms and bedrooms for more efficiency.  Deep clean each room on its scheduled day.  Also I know laundry and dishwashing can’t be done this way as it always seems to be one of our never-ending chores.  You can always leave the dishwashing for your oldest child and teach them some responsibility!  Laundry is actually one of my favorite chores!  I am crazy aren’t I?  I love it because after you throw a load or two in you are done until it is!  Take this time to push play and start your workout routine!!!

Busy Mom Time Saving Tip #3.  Set Up Your Errands, Appointments and Other Activities

This is a major issue for anyone wanting to fit a workout routine into their daily schedule.  But as crazy as your schedule may be you can always fit in a workout if you plan accordingly.  Just write down the time of each appointment or activity your child has scheduled and the length of time it takes to complete each one.  Dropping Johnny off at his baseball practice and then picking up Jenny at ballet can easily be managed when you write it down! You will also be able to see where you have some free time to get your workout in too!     

Busy Mom Time Saving Tip #4. Designate a Daily Workout Time

Once you schedule all your daily to-dos along with cleaning and cooking you may be exhausted.  But there is still time to push play on your DVD and do your workout!  Come on people this is for you and if you want to look and feel better about yourself you need to designate a time to do this everyday.  Look back on your schedule and find an hour or two to do this.  Yes, just an hour or two!!  By following steps one and two above you have already saved yourself and hour or two by just planning!  So get out that list one more time and write down your workout.  Make it the same time everyday in order to alleviate the excuse that you ‘Just don’t have time”!  This is the biggest excuse one could use to avoid getting into shape or losing some weight.

Of course if you don’t know why you are doing this that could send you off track before you start.  So you need to determine your “why”.  It isn’t as simple as you think though.  Why do you really want to lose weight?  Deep down inside what is your underlying reason?  Does it make you emotional when you think about?  Good, that is it! A why should trigger an emotional response inside you.  Write it down and stick on your fridge so you see it several times a day.  This should help keep you motivated for now.  Now get that workout in!

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