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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Gym

Why You Need To Break Up With Your Gym For Good

It's time you break up with your gym

Your Gym Is Lying To You

Trust and honesty are the building blocks for any solid relationship. Well I have to be completely honest with you here since we are in a relationship right now with me as the author and you as someone looking for diet and fitness advice. Your gym is lying to you. Let me repeat that your gym is lying to you. They tell you that they have competitive prices and world-class equipment. They state that they have the best personal trainers too. Any most gyms probably do have fantastic trainers that are truly dedicated to helping you get results. But the gym itself is a liar. They don’t care about your results they just want your membership. They are a business and they want to keep you for as long as they can. They try to sell the monthly memberships or even weekly to keep you coming back. But what is not working with the gym is that they don’t keep you motivated. They don’t email you and support you or even send a message on Facebook acknowledging your weight loss or fitness accomplishments. They simply deduct your monthly membership out of your account every month. I have done some research from my area in Illinois and discovered that a monthly membership to a local gym here would cost you $30 a month and a $99 initiation fee. You must also prepay your first and last month of membership up front so for start up that is $159.00 to join the gym. Doesn’t the relationship with your gym seem a little one-sided?

Your Trainer Is Cheating On you

Once again we arrive back with the trust and honesty in a relationship.  How can you have that with your trainer cheating on you?  Your trainer is responsible for several clients a day as well as working out themselves  (At least I hope they do as personal trainers).  You do receive the personal attention when you are there the one to five days a week you attend but what happens to you on the other days?  Do you have a plan on those days to workout?  Also what happens with your diet?  70% of all weight loss results come from what you eat.  Is your trainer helping you eat healthier and give you a daily plan with recipes, food and how much carbs, fats and proteins you should be eating every day?  If the answer is yes you have a great trainer and you are lucky.  But what are you paying extra an hour to see that trainer?  Yes I said extra.  Typically, trainer rates are between $60 to $110 an hour.  If you plan on training with them three days a week that is an extra $180 to $330 a week on top of your $159.00 start up fees.  That brings us to about $339.00 to $489 a month!  That’s a lot of money for anyone to lose weight and get healthy.

Both Aren’t Meeting Your Needs

A relationship is supposed to meet your needs.  A relationship with your significant other meets your need for love and companionship.  Your relationship with your church meets your need to honor your God and your relationship with your gym is supposed to meet your need to lose weight.  I’m sure if your significant other isn’t providing you with what you need you would break up with them right?  Well the same should go with your relationship with your gym and trainer.  Because it is a service it should also meet your expectations too.  As I have stated earlier in this post 70% of your weight loss results should come from your diet.  So for all the money you are investing into this relationship you should receive some diet advice and food right?  NO.  You don’t receive a diet plan or even food with your membership.  Places like Jenny Craig actually do a great job providing diet advice and food for their customers and that is why so many of them have had great results.  But Jenny Craig doesn’t offer fitness advice that I know of yet.  So how can you get the weight loss results you want without a diet that will support your weight loss or fitness goals at a reasonable price?

P.S.  Part 2 of this series of It’s Time To Break Up With Your Gym Will Be Released Next Week So Stay Tuned!!

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