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What I Offer Compared To Other Fitness Programs:


  My VIP Program Gyms Personal Trainers
24/7 Access To Workouts
Weekly Meal Planning
Free Lifetime Access To My Clean Eating Academy Course
Portion Control Eating System
Weekly Video Conference
Goal Setting
Group Support
Time Management Support
Healthy Meal Replacement Shake
Workout Programs Based On Preference & Goals
  $19/mo or $99/yr $30-50/mo $50/mo

Are you trying to lose weight, but haven’t been consistent?  Do you find yourself giving into food cravings and then throwing in the towel?  Have you given up on your health goals because you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for?

I understand where you are because I have been there myself.  I gave up on myself at one point too, but I didn’t quit forever.  I know you don’t want to quit on yourself either.  It’s time to give yourself another chance.  If you are truly serious about having more energy, happiness, and loving your looks gain, the VIP program is for you!

The key to success is showing up every day, following my directions, and doing the hard work.  It won’t be easy but, the VIP program isn’t made for that… it’s made for you to get results.

I am here to help you change your life and I want you to succeed!   I know you can!

With the VIP program you have me as your personal coach and get access to meal planning, workouts, a healthy shake, recipes and much more for less than what you receive with a gym or personal trainer.  I am personally invested in your success.  It’s time to map out a complete 30 day plan to get you the results you want. This plan includes a workout program, meal plan, shake, recipes, calendar and detailed accountability tracking to ensure your results for the ENTIRE 30 days.  It’s a no B.S. program that guarantees no B.S. results!

VIP Program Membership Benefits Include:

  • Weekly video conferences to hold you accountable.
  • Weekly meal planning support.
  • Time management support.
  • A delicious shake packed with vitamins & minerals.
  • Goal planning sessions.
  • Workout program based on your goals.
  • Group support (optional).
  • Daily accountability and check-ins on your meal plan progress and workouts.
  • Free Lifetime Access To My Clean Eating Academy Course.


Val Quickman

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