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Weekend Nutrition Tips

Crunchy Veggie Wraps

Football games, The World Series, and parties have tempting snacks that will be hard to stay away from.   Here are some weekend nutrition tips to make healthy choices and come away feeling more confident that you made good choices:

weekend nutrition tips

1. Find the veggies. Try to fill up on veggies before diving head first into the chips, wings and pizza.
2. Fill up on water. Drink a glass of water before you start eating. It will help you fill up quicker and you will eat less.
3. Bring your own snacks. Bring some almonds, a veggie tray and hummus to your gatherings. If your out and about at the kids games bring a Shakeology for a snack. You will feel full and avoid the blood sugar crash that will have you running for candy or chips.
4. Avoid beer. Drink a low calorie glass of wine or mixed drink instead. Beer has too many carbs that are really not good for your waistline. In fact, you’ll drink al lot calories in beer alone (on average 154 calories in one can of 🍻)

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