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What Is Clean Eating?

I get asked this question a lot these days.  Clean eating can mean a lot to different people.  As a fitness coach and avid lover of fitness, here is my take on clean eating.

clean eating

What Do You Mean By Clean Eating?

Clean Eating is simply the idea of eating food that is in it’s original, natural form-unprocessed or very minimally processed.  What does ‘processed’ mean?  The definition varies slightly, but it’s generally any food that has artificial ingredients and generally comes in a package, box or bag.  The most obvious examples are
frozen ‘tv’ dinners, deli ‘meats’, Velveeta ‘cheese product’ and sodas.  The most obvious  exceptions are things like plain, uncooked dried beans, or a ‘package’ of fresh lettuce.  There are many more, but hopefully you get the idea.

Clean eating isn’t that difficult to do and has many health benefits.  So why doesn’t everyone do it?  Toscano Reno, author of the Eat Clean Diet says it best,

“Eighty percent of the answer to achieving a more beautiful physique lies on your plate. Everything you put in your mouth shapes what you look like. If you eat loads of sugary doughnuts and greasy friend foods, you will probably look a lot like that – doughy and heavy. If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other wholesome foods you will look healthy, fresh and vibrant. The choice is yours, but who doesn’t want to look and feel their best?! It’s possible that you are among the many who believe that if you are exercising regularly, you can eat whatever you want and still be fit and healthy. Not true! I know a man who trains hard every day-running, lifting weights, hockey-but because of his bad food habit is still 25 pounds overweight and has a flabby belly to prove it. Don’t be misled by the notion that working out offsets the need to eat properly. It definitely does not. The only way to accomplish the physique of your dreams along with excellent health is to put nutritious clean foods on your plate, eat them regularly and follow the Clean Eating principles. That’s how it’s done.”

Want to know what the Clean Eating Principles are? Download them here:

Clean Eating Commandments

Remember, it takes 80% Clean Eating nutrition to build your ideal physique.   10% is dependent on your workout routine and the final 10% is genetics-thanks mom and dad!!  While it’s true that clean eating takes a little more time to plan and prep, it, like anything else, is easy…when you know how!

clean eatingIf you aren’t currently engaged in one of my fitness or Clean Eating Challenge Groups, you can learn more about how to make Clean Eating EASY to incorporate into your daily life by joining one of my next groups!

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