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Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Reasons Your Scale Is A Liar


 Women Can Fluctuate Almost 4 pounds throughout a day

If you are weighing in ladies understand that taking an accurate weight must be done at the same time every day.  This is probably the main reason why you think, “why am I not losing weight”.  Actually you probably are.  This is because we can fluctuate almost 4 lbs. throughout the day.  Taking your weight in the morning one day and then evening another will give you quite different results.  If you must weigh in (why would you?) the best time is right when you wake up.


It’s Not About Numbers

why am i not losing weight?

Take a look at this picture.  These women all weigh the same, but have different body fat percentages.  The scale doesn’t show this as it is only a number.  However, taking accurate measurements will.  Inches are a much more accurate indicator of health and weight loss.  As you gain more muscle you are losing fat.  When you gain muscle it takes up less space than fat.  This will appear in the measurements you take, not the number on the scale.  If you want to learn how to take accurate measurements check out the video below.


Water Intake

why am I not losing weight?Water is an amazing way to detox your body and it helps to provide lubrication to muscles and joints.  However, water weight is real and can be another big reason why you are not losing weight when you jump on the scale.  If you notice you are gaining weight initially during a workout program this could be because your muscles are retaining the water.  This is normal and healthy so don’t listen to the scale it is a liar!

Muscle Mass

reasons to strength trainBuilding muscle mass can cause a temporary increase in your scale.  Understand that taking measurements and using body fat calipers are the only way to truly measure your health and results.  Don’t get discouraged with the scale and don’t become a victim of it.  I suggest throwing it out the window altogether as it tends to distract you from your real goals;  building lean muscle and increasing energy.

Stay The Course

Don’t get discouraged with the number on a scale.  Remember that water retention, time of day, muscle mass and other factors all play a role on what that number is every day.  I tell the Strength Squad members in my exclusive challenges that they should not weight themselves more than once every two weeks.  A number is just a number and does not indicate your health.  Stay the course it will be so worth it!  If you are looking to shed fat more effectively here are two articles that will help:




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