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Why Sit Ups Suck

Ever hear that sit ups will help you get that toned, think stomach or a sexy six pack?  LIES I tell you!  SIT UPS SUCK!  They are an ineffective way to try to tone your abdominals.  Here are 3 reasons why sit ups sucks.

Sit Ups Suck Because They Don’t Help You Lose Fat.

I hate seeing someone doing sit ups or telling me that they do hundreds of sit ups a day.  Sit ups suck because they don’t burn calories or body fat.  You can do a million a day it isn’t going to take away the layer of fat on top of the little muscle you may build.  Abs “pop” because of your diet and lowering body fat percentage.


Sit Ups Suck Because They don’t tone your muscles.



Sit Ups Suck Because They Hurt Your Back And Neck.

As you do your sets of sit ups in the position above your hands are behind your head or neck.  As your abs become tired you will start to use your arms to help you up.  This puts added stress on the back of the neck causing neck pain and even pinched nerves.  Not to mention that this position and stress of pulling on the neck also causes your back to bend.  This causes even more injury to your back as well.  If you must do sit ups try crunches instead.  Or even better place your near your eats and don’t allow your fingers or hands to touch your head at all.


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