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Why You Should Believe In Yourself

to the girl who doesn't believe in herself

Don’t Doubt, Believe In Yourself

I have suffered for years with low self esteem.  For some reason I didn’t think I was as important as other people.  I felt I didn’t deserve better than what I had and that the bad things that happened to me, well, I deserved them.  Not anymore.  I started working out and creating the body I wanted.   By lifting weights I built muscle physically and mentally.  I then began to believe in myself.

When I became a fitness coach I had these same issues with self esteem re-surface.  Then I started training with my Strength Dealing coaching groups and was introduced to personal development.  Eric Thomas says all the right things and really gets me motivated.  If you suffer from poor self-esteem you need to listen to him.  He’s mentally tough and speaks to your doubts.  Build your mental strength today by starting to believe in yourself.  Here’s one audio that will make you cry and make you feel that you should believe in yourself.

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