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Have A Picky Eater? Find Out Why.

picky eater

I have talked with several moms and I learned that many of the struggle with making healthy meals because their kids are picky eaters.  If you have a toddler some of this is natural.  For older kids, most likely because they haven’t been accustomed to eating healthy foods.  Don’t beat yourself up for it moms.  You are doing the best you can.   It’s always easier to give them what they want right?  Not always.  Here are some tips you can try to get your picky eater to try healthier foods and reasons why they maybe avoiding them.  The older they are the harder it is to get them to adjust so start early!

picky eater

Miss Independent

This maybe just a stage in your child’s life where they are trying to gain independence.  If they are refusing to eat their vegetables you have Miss (or Mr.) independent on your hands.  Offer the broccoli or other vegetable at every meal, but also offer something you know they will eat.  The goal is not to get them to eat the broccoli today but to have them like the broccoli in the long run.  We all heard the “just take one bite rule”  Yup it works so keep doing it.  Have them at least try the food because you are exposing them to a variety of flavors and textures.  As they get older they will be more apt to try new foods because of this.

Meal Idea: Try having a build your own pizza night using whole grain english muffins.  Have them choose the toppings offering broccoli, mushrooms, garlic and green peppers as the ingredients.

The Hunger Striker

I’m sure we’ve all see or experienced this picky eater at some point.  The kids who refuses to eat anything.  The stress meter of any mom would be at read when dealing with this eater.  Don’t give in to this one moms, chicken nuggets are not a staple meal!  Try logging what they are eating every day.  A lot of kids fill up on milk and juice making them simply too full to eat. Try limiting these drinks near meal times so your child is actually hungry when it’s time to eat.

picky eater

Why Is My Child Such A Picky Eater?

We are accustomed to prefer sweet foods and dislike bitter ones.  Sweet equals survival (think breast milk) and bitter means something is toxic.  Some foods might seem “yuck” to your child because they actually have more taste buds than you do.  We actually lose them as we age.  So the flavor of foods are much stronger for our little ones.  Some kids are actually genetically wired to be more sensitive to bitter foods too.

Meal Idea: Try switching things up.  Serve raw veggies instead of the cooked if you child won’t eat them.  The texture may also be an issue as is common with many kids.

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